Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Just doing my part. (自分の役目を果たしてるわ。)

Because I am as much a devoted and loving BUCK-TICK fan as the next guy...

(Provided that next guy is actually a lady named Melon.)

I thought that I would get my own foot in on this little advertising campaign thingy-jobby.

Because, you see, today, October 13th, 2010,  is the release date of BUCK-TICK's new, fabulously named album, RAZZLE DAZZLE.

And really. How do you expect any other topic to compete with that for my attention today?

Especially since I'm off to one of the first lives for the album this coming Sunday in boonies-tastic Nara (though admittedly, not as boonies-tastic as Mie, since they're actually playing a gig there. Ah ha.)

Moo ha ha.

Here. We. Go.


... I say that like I'm going to be doing something more exciting than posting up music videos.

You can't say that I never excite you, though.

First, appropriately enough, we have the first single released for this album, waaay back in March:  独壇場Beauty (Dokudanjou Beauty, Unchallenged Beauty) .

... but I've written about it before, so please, don't let me bore you in the here and now with repetition and triviality.

Do enjoy the song and video again, though.

Because really. Those never get old.

Next, we have くちづけ (Kuchiduke, Kiss), which was released in September.

And not only is the song dreadfully catchy and wonderful, but I find the video to be terribly artistic and mesmerizing.

You can tell how emotional I am when I start using seemingly mismatched yet utterly appropriate words for emphasis instead of the traditional vulgarities.

...Unless you haven't read enough hoitery-toitey literature and are still trying to figure out what in the world I'm actually trying to say in the above statement.



... I've already written about this song to some extent too, haven't I.

I'm just making an absolute mess of my advertising campaign.

Perhaps I should have done it a bit earlier in the day, before my higher brain functions were compromised.

But let it be known that I tried, and that I enjoyed doing so!

...because Sakurai Atsushi is a gorgeous man.

Brain functions. Compromised.  

This is Edo, signing off with a song in her head and a live in her future.

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