Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The weekend that ended too quickly. (終わりが早すぎの週末。)

And to further emphasize my point, I will right a very short post to tell you about it.


Come home from work, make pasta -- Check.

Go to Yokkaichi with a co-worker for a night on the town -- Check.

Stay awake until around four in the morning -- Check.


Wake up around noon -- Check

Drink coffee and attempt to eat breakfast -- Check

Fail to eat breakfast -- Check

Get all rocked out for the live -- Check

Drive to the station -- Check

Find the cheap parking lot with only a small amount of confusion -- Check

Arrive at the station way too early due to my inherent paranoia and wind up waiting for something like forty-five minutes for my train -- Check

Spend a good two and a half hours getting to Nara -- Check

Arrive and spend a while trying to find the concert hall with Melon -- Check

Find the concert hall -- Check

Rejoice because the goods line is nonexistent -- Check

Realize that there are no tote bags left; despair -- Check

Wait -- Check

 Wait -- Check

Wait some more; oh yes, they're late -- Check

Finally get into the hall and find our seats -- Check

Find out that the map in the lobby lied to us and that we are actually in someone else's seats -- Check

Get moved forward one row -- Check

Wait -- Check

Wait -- Check

What, half-an-hour late now? -- Check

REJOICE when the house lights finally go down -- Check

Have a BLAST for the next two hours or so -- Check

Leave in a daze -- Check

Manage to get some マクド, despite the delay having made me worry about catching my train -- Check

Scarf the マクド -- Check

Say good-bye and get on the train -- Check

Proceed to worry all the way home about making my connections, as every train is delayed -- Check

Finally make it home without issue -- Check

Spend entirely too long chatting with Melon and wind up going to bed too late -- Check


Spend an entirely uneventful Monday that just doesn't compare, other than the fact that I joined Fish Tank, the BUCK-TICK fan club (hopefully) -- Check


There we go.

Unfortunately, no pictures of the live, since they sort of frown upon that...

I have this though:

Sure, it's a picture of my flyer, but it's all I got.

Maybe I'll take a picture of my goods for you next time.

Oh, and that bitch of a last train home?

Yea, you'd be stressed out too, I feel.

This is Edo, signing off already eagerly anticipating the November live in Kyoto, and hoping her fan club membership comes through in time to get tickets for the next tour.

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