Monday, October 4, 2010

Tasty, convenient food. (おいしくて、便利な食事。)

Because really, when you're living on your own, that second part is pretty darn important.

You never realize what a pain most recipes are to prepare for until you have to do your own shopping in your own free time.

...this blog is slowly turning into "Edo complains about how tough the real world is, with a slight Japanese flavor."

But hey. I think that's secretly what most blogs are anyway, so really.

Anyway, last night, though I had originally planned to go to マクド, rain and laziness kept me indoors all day long, thus inspiring a moment of genius and inspiration in the kitchen.

Or, well, really, a moment of genius on the computer, followed by a moment of inspiration between my room and the kitchen, succeeded by any number of moments of sheer culinary ingenuity in the kitchen itself.

Just to keep things straight.

First of all, I went searching the internet for simple and quick recipes, since I, as mentioned, was not leaving the house.

I found a recipe for a potato and zucchini frittata. Ah ha, I said.

Now, first you must understand that I have always be a skeptic of the frittata. I belong to the Spanish tortilla side of the debate, and have always thought that frittatas were the cheap and easy way out.

But as you may have already figured out for yourself, when one is living alone and on a budget, cheap and easy starts looking pretty good.

So, I thought, why not. I have eggs, I have potatoes, I have zuchinni.

But hey, nix that zuchinni. I don't like it so much cooked unless there is a crispy, crunchy coating involved.

And, you know what, if I add an onion, I almost have a tortilla here.

And look at that, a whole bag of onions just dying to be used.

Did I say culinary ingenuity, or did I say culinary ingenuity?

So, basically I wound up making a very simple and toned-down version of a tortilla, using the instructions I found for the frittata (mainly, boiling the potatoes first, and not mixing the eggs and other ingredients together before cooking.)

And even though the non-stick state of my pan is dubious...

I succeeded mightily in my mission.

Yes, that's right. I flipped it by myself.

...this is probably because the volume and mass of the dish was about half of what I normally make back in America-land. Ahem. 

(Have I mentioned before how much I truly dislike having an electric stove? Just thought I'd pop that in here. Blech.)

And then, the finished product:


Beautiful, no?

And delicious, though I must admit, not quite as delicious as my normal tortilla. I guess the thickness has more to do with the flavor than I thought.

Also the cooking method, I suppose. While boiling the potatoes is admittedly a much quicker way to do things, I cannot help but feel that I wind up sacrificing the flavor I gain by frying them up for an extended period of time together with the onions.

...oh, and that bag of onions? They're really quite small, which at first I thought didn't make much of a difference, but I think that actually they're a lot closer to shallots in flavor than I had previously suspected...

Which, hey, is not bad. But still. Just another "not quite" thing about my dish.

But the question remains.

Is it a tortilla-esque-frittata, or a frittata-esque-tortilla?

I leave it to you to decide.

Whatever it was, I managed that much in one go.

And that was only because I made myself stop.

Otherwise, I could have likely plowed right on through until the end.

And then have been (a) uncomfortably full and (b) lacking in a lunch today.

...sometimes I wonder if it wouldn't have been worth it all the same, though.

Something you non-foodies just wouldn't understand. Sigh.

This is Edo, signing off with a just barely resistible urge to make this dish again tonight.

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