Friday, August 13, 2010

Moved. (引っ越した。)

I'd say "moved in," but that implies a lot more unpacking than I have yet done.

Well kids, here I am at last, in my wa-tastic home in Matsusaka, land of green things and not a heck of a lot to do, according to my coworkers. However, as all I've done so far is eat curry, shower and sleep, it's so far been quite satisfying.

But more on that sleep thing. I am, as you may have guessed, still slightly jet-lagged... and even sleeping for something like twelve hours hasn't given me that bright-eyed and bushy-tailed vigour for which you all know me. (Quit snickering.)

But I hate to leave you ll empty handed, and I did promise something on the last post, didn't I? Which, of course, technically I don't owe you until tomorrow, but since you lose a day moving to Japan...

Oh, what the hey. I said my update schedule would get a little mucky, and a little mucky it will get.

When I wake up properly, I'll share some pictures of my new city with you lot, but for now...

BUCK-TICK released the video for their new single.

And I am happy as a clam in mud.

It's the opening song for some anime series or other, so technically I could have already been hearing some brief snippet of it, but the single itself isn't released until September (guess who's going to be first in line!), so an early video certainly spells "awesome" for me, my friends.

And a darn nice video it is too. I am rather intrigued by it's artistic style, I must say.

And the song is pretty darn good too.

...yea, that's all the "review" you're getting out of me the morning after 24+ hours awake and traveling.

This is Edo, signing off an hoping some sun exposure will kick her brain back into the present... whenever that is.

PS- I take it all back about Hawaiian Airlines; apparently, they're far kinder and more customer friendly than their phone personnel would have you believe. More on this later. 

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