Saturday, October 2, 2010

A collector of sorts. (なんとかの収集家。)

That "three days ago" thing on my little blog roll tells me that, once again, I have probably begun to aggravate my two most devoted readers.

And. Uh.

I really have no excuse.

Other than the fact that working for a living actually takes up  lot more of my time than studying for it ever seemed to do.

Or maybe it's just that I have a more set schedule now...

Or maybe it's that staying up until the wee hours of the morning isn't such an intelligent option when you have to be somewhere before 1:15 in the afternoon.

...admittedly, I don't on most days here in the working world, but there's all that "prepare your own meals" and "run errands" and "take care of yourself because you're an adult now, dagnabit" nonsense that fills far more of my free time than I would really care to admit.

It certainly makes me want to sit down all those kids rushing to be adults and say "come on, guys. Rethink this. Someone buys your toilet paper now, remember that."

Because really.

That's the kind of thing it comes down to, out here in the real world.

And it sure as heck ain't any easier in a rather boonies-tastic land where the only people you really know within a 50-mile vicinity are your co-workers.


That said, I've never liked life to be easy.

Moo ha ha.

I see you, life, and I raise you forty-seven!

Bring it on.


As you may have guessed by my title, I have become a collector of sorts.

Of what sort? I hear you cry.

That's right.

Point cards.

(I actually took two pictures for your viewing pleasure, but for some reason blogger is not being helpful with re-orientation, so you're stuck with just the one for the moment.)

And this isn't even half of the amount I will have in, oh, say, six months time.

It also doesn't include the Book-Off point "card" I have on my phone, or the same I have for マクド (McDonalds)--though I haven't actually figured out how to get points onto the latter yet. There are coupons though, so never fear that my time was wasted in registering.

... as though you were. Ahem.

Anyway. Most of these are rather useless in the short-term (I think I need fifty stamps on the red one there for 1000 yen off, for example), but it's more about a sense of belonging than anything, if you can believe that.

Because, hey. Your average gaijin is not sticking around long enough to get a point card. Barring that, they don't understand enough Japanese to bother with trying to get one.

Therefore, by having a point card, automatically you are elevated one step above the average foreigner, possibly one step closer to actual, civilized human being.

Though I may just be talking out of my behind here.

Regardless, I feel this way, and since I'm the one with the point cards, that's what matters, isn't it?

Darn tootin'.

And before we say adieu for this evening...

A more recent batch of オムライス (omuraisu, omelete rice) to make your mouth water.

Because really, what is more beautiful than a freshly cooked egg? Look at that bright, beautiful yellow, my friends, and tell me that your stomach did not just rumble.

This is Edo, signing off feeling strangely hungry even though she just had a full plate of pasta.

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