Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Just a brief message. (短いメッセージだけで。)

Just to keep the jackals away.

Jackals, of course, being an endearing and truly loving term used to refer to the women one and two generations above me who rely on this is a source of my daily goings-on and who will, doubtless, begin to complain should I go too much longer without an update of some sort.

Rest assured, oh family of mine: I am healthy, happy, and other good things beginning with the letter "h".

I am just also lazy, lethargic, and other... not-so-conducive-to-posting things beginning with the letter "l".

Today's post was brought to you by fond memories of Sesame Street.

It is comforting that children now are still entertained by that show, at least in some form.

...talk about off-topic.

Anyway, once again the weekend was dampened by rain, and my sleeping was eased by the pitter-patter (read: roaring and yet somehow soothing barrage) of raindrops on my rooftop. And all surrounding surfaces that reflected noise, really.

I'll admit that I foolishly believed the weather report on Sunday and therefore left my laundry out during an errand-adventure, and thus came home to a rack fulll of rain-soaked clothing which I had to run to get under some protective covering.

Luckily I have a laundry rack at my disposal which is, in fact, under a nice bit of porch. And thus, my clothing was saved, albeit dried a bit more slowly than I would have liked.

And my futon never did get to be aired out properly, since it rained Monday too.

Oh, well. There's always next weekend.

This is Edo, signing off sort of wishing that it would rain ever night as she drifted off to sleep.

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