Saturday, September 18, 2010

No more news? (もうニュースない?)

You see, that's the problem with a big update like the one I made last time. are conspicuously short on things to say the next post around.

So you're going to get (a) a rehash and (b) more cooking.

...because when you work a full day, cooking takes up a lot of your free time, I must say.

First, the rehash.

1. Melon is coming tomorrow.

As expected, I am happy happy happy.

And it will certainly make a full work day seem much easier.

Looking forward to something always does, have you noticed?

2. lynch./DEATHGAZE live at M'AXA

Because how awesome is that, really.

I mean.

In Matsusaka.

A hard rock/V-kei/metal live.

Which just happens to be taking place when my best friend is visiting.

Talk about your amazing happenstances.

Not to mention the fact that I got two tickets at least a month after they first went on sale.

Clearly, we were meant to go to this concert. know, I say that, but every time I start trying to believe in fate, it juts backfires.


We were lucky and therefore get to go to an awesome concert.

There we go.

3. The weather is awesome lately.


It will probably get hot again tomorrow, though.

Sigh indeed.

(Can you tell that I'm trying to space this entry out...?)

4. I made potato pancakes!

Of a sort, anyway.

I love left over mashed potatoes; they're so useful.

Who knew that all you needed to add was an egg to make delicious perfection?

...ok, and salt and pepper, but that's a given.

This is, of course, the second batch--first batches are always icky looking, you know. They were in my stomach long before cameras were ever brought into the picture.

The addition of the egg gave them a sort of scrambled-egg-and-hash-brown taste, which was quite satisfying, I must admit. I definitely recommend these to anyone with some mashed potatoes on hand. Delicious.

Sauteing them in butter helps, I imagine.

... and, yes.

I told you I was short on things to talk about today.

This is Edo, signing out incredibly excited for her weekend and now craving some more potato pancakes... curses.

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