Thursday, September 2, 2010

I'm running out of titles here. (タイトルがなくなってるで。)

I'm always intrigued when there's a linguistic difference between my Japanese and English titles... for example, in today's title, the grammar point is actually quite different and yet at the same time each is the best equivalent (in my mind) of the other.

Just a little thing called localization, baby.

...ok, ok, I'll either start a translation-geeks-anonymous blog or limit these little monologues to three paragraphs maximum, how's that?

...would anyone read that blog, I wonder.

Anyway, you're getting another point-by-point update today, simply because I have found it to be an easier way of telling you all about the amazing adventure that is my life in Mie.'s such a shame that you can't see irony on the internet.

(For those of you not in on the joke: there's not a whole lot of amazement or adventure happening in Mie... pretty much ever.)

1- Cosmos is a much better supermarket than either Max Value or my super-cheap place.

That said, it is quite a bit more expensive.

The question is, am I willing to pay more for the sake of wider aisles, more selection, and a better atmosphere in general.

...the answer is probably something along the lines of "yes, but I'll still go to the other two when my lists can be fulfilled within them."

But really, Kyoto spoiled me--I definitely want to do all of my shopping at Cosmos...

Thank goodness I'm horribly cheap, otherwise I'd have very difficult time saving money on my daily groceries.

... although sometimes I wonder if I'm a bit too cheap. I passed up on the balsamic vinegar I wanted yesterday, for example, simply because I "didn't need it right then." that silly or frugal?

2- I need to find fun things to do in Mie.

Really. Because this aching-in-the-heart for Kyoto is sort of distracting.

It wouldn't be so hard if Mie wasn't so stinkin' boondocks-tastic.

I mean really, it's hard to go clubbing or what have you when you have to drive and therefore cannot drink.

And considering the fact that the current highlight of my weekend plans is hitting up the relatively-nearby JUSCO.... yeeaaa.

3- I bought the first three Harry Potter books in Japanese, hard-cover, a paper-back novel, and a special Kimutaku-MR. BRAIN issue of an an all for 750 yen this morning at Book-Off.

Oh, Book-Off. How I have missed you.

Funnily enough, the an an was the most expensive item: 350, whereas everything was was 150 each. I debated paying so much for a used magazine, but...

Then I saw the special Kimutaku photo-shoot.

Oh, yes.

Suffice it to say the issue landed in my basket within milliseconds.

I can't imagine who sold that magazine back, but to whoever did: thank you, thank you, thank you.

...goodness, that wasn't creepy or fan-tarded at all, was it?

4- I found another futon (mattress) in the downstairs closet and have added it to my pile of bedding. Tonight, I predict that I will have the most comfortable evening to date!

... er, when starting on August 12th, that is. Ahem.

5- I listened to some old BUCK-TICK albums on the way to and from Kyoto this weekend, and have found myself absolutely hooked on Mona Lisa Overdrive.

It is good stuff kids, and I definitely recommend it if you haven't yet had a listen.

Really got me pumped up for those two lives, let me tell you.

Oh well, that's enough for one night; some of us had a full day of work you know!

This is Edo, signing off and wondering why she never hears BUCK-TICK at dance clubs.


Melon said...

That issue came out while I was there, I spent quite a few minutes perusing it and being tempted by the Kimutaku-tasticness of it. I ultimately resisted, but there were lots of nice pictures in there. :3

I have one song from Mona Lisa Overdrive, I will get the rest presently. Thank you for mentioning it.

WE WILL FIND THE FUN. You might find it before I get there, but believe you me, we will have Fun Times not only in Kyoto, but in Mie as well. And we'll be damn oshare doin' it too.

Edo said...

For 350? No way I could resist the sheer Kimutaku-ness. X3 There's a picture of him tied up in police tape. COME ON.

It's worth it just for ナカユビ, I think. X3


...Deep down I admit to being dubious though... X3 It is a DEAD TOWN full of OBAASAN and SHUFU. ;_;