Wednesday, September 22, 2010

An exciting kind of weekend. (興奮させる週末やん。)

Which is why my updating schedule got all out of whack.


But that's not what we're talking about here.

What we're talking about is the fact that I had a fantastic weekend with Melon, surprisingly right here in good ol' Matsusaka (and a little bit in Tsu, admittedly.)

Which admittedly made going back to work today all the more painful, but what are you going to do. That's just the way the world works when you're a contributing member of society.


Bullet form (somewhat), just because I'm lazy.

1) Melon arrived on Saturday night, and we got ourselves some Hakata-style ramen.

Admittedly, not the best Hakata-style ramen, but after you've have 一風堂 (ippuudou), there's just no going back.

Good enough, anyway.

We then went home, and watched late night Japanese television on the brand-spanking new (to me anyway) TV that is now in my room.

(Thank you, boss.)

I really love late-night Japanese TV.

2) Sunday was a busy day.

We were supposed to go to the post office to send in my JLPT registration, head over to work to show Melon my day-to-day life, to Honeys to pick up a shirt I had ordered, then out to lunch, all before coming home, getting all rock-oshare'd up and heading out to the live.

The post office being closed kinda threw a hitch in that plan.

Admittedly, I guess most post offices are closed on the weekends, but having had access to the mondo Kyoto-eki post office for so long... I guess I got a little spoiled.

The rest of the afternoon went off fairly well, though, even though we should have hit another hitch--we showed up at the Italian restaurant I had picked just after they had "closed" for dinner preparations. Luckily, the owner was feeling kind, and let us come in and eat.

We then went home to get ready for our rockin' evening.

And rock did it ever.

Despite the early start (4:30 open and 5:00 start? What, did you have to make it home for your bed time, guys?), both bands put on excellent performances--even though I went in thinking that I would greatly prefer DEATHGAZE (who unfortunately only got half an hour on stage), lynch. was excellent live, and I thoroughly enjoyed both acts.

I am currently suffering from headbangers-neck, which is truly the sign of an evening well spent.

I wanted to buy a cell-phone strap from both bands, but unfortunately DEATHGAZE had priced theirs out of my humble range.

My ticket stub went into their bucket at the beginning (indicating why I had come that evening), so I think that makes up for it, really.

3) Monday was also a busy day.

After wondering what to do, I ultimately decided that we needed to go and see BECK, since the nearby theater (Tsu is nearby, when it comes to movies) was having their customer appreciation day, discounting tickets by almost half.

And we'll take any excuse to see a bit of Mizushima Hiro action, admittedly. 

And it was actually quite a good movie, which I am very happy to have seen in theatres.

...aaand if this were a movie post I would summarize it for you.

But it's not, so I won't.

Maybe some other time.

Anyway. As we had to drive to Tsu, and as it was quite a long movie, that took up most of our daylight.

But that's all right.

Because our last bit of excitement did not require daylight.

That's right.

温泉 (onsen, hot spring) time.

Or really, more like 銭湯 (sentou, public bath) time, but it was good all the same.

And ridiculously cheap.

An excellent way to end a weekend.

Because I've told you before.

There is nothing better than naked time.

Especially naked time with your best friend at the close of an excellent weekend.

...admittedly more late night television was pretty good too.

But it was really all about the naked time. much so, in fact, that I am tempted to go back myself this Friday after work.

Because damn. I'm already tired.


All in all, excellent, excellent times this weekend, and certainly enough to make me think longingly and nostalgically of only 36 hours ago.

... can you use nostalgically that way?

This is Edo, signing off feeling nostalgic no matter what you say.

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