Friday, September 24, 2010

Too busy for prose. (散文のため忙しすぎ。)

I sometimes wonder if that shouldn't have been the title of my entire blog, after the big ol' move to an adult life.

Perhaps one day.

Until then, though, I will continue on with the struggle to at least pretend as though I will eventually be writing some long, thought-out editorials for your reading pleasure.


Today is again fun-times with bullets and point-and-shoot updates.

...I've never realized how very gun-happy that sort of terminology is. I wonder why.

1) Weather in Matsusaka is crazy.

Yesterday, ridiculously hot. Today, actually quite cold and massively stormy at some points in the morning.

Typhoon stormy, you might say.

Though it wasn't actually a typhoon.

Just very, very wet and very, very loud.

Currently, I am sitting in my room, no air conditioning, with my sweat-shirt on.

Talk about a jump in climate.

2) I love onsen.

But they need to close down later at night.

Because really.

Who can finish their bathing before 8 o'clock?

That's just unreasonable.

3) Drug stores are surprisingly lacking when it comes to actual drugs (and just to clarify, yes I mean medicine).

Who'da thunk.

Also, Japan needs to embrace the caplet and pill forms of medication.

Because trying to choke down powders is simply not something I want to have to deal with at this stage in my life.

Really now.

4) I realized this during the live on Sunday night, but then forgot again in the interim. So it's worth a mention now as well.

I like lynch. a lot more than I thought I did.

Which makes that 800 yen I spent on their phonestrap that much better a purchase.

(... somehow, I think that sentence was off, grammatically.)

... Maybe I'll take a picture of the strap I own one day, as that is truly a tiny picture.

Very difficult to take a picture with your phone of something attached to the bottom of your phone, though. 

Veritable logic puzzle, that one.

(An no, "take it off" is not the answer.)

5) Apparently I am too tired for prose as well.

And thus I bid you farewell and good day.

This is Edo, signing off with a minor crick in her neck and a major crick in her brain.

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