Friday, September 10, 2010

The real world is time-consuming. (本物の人生って、時間かかるで。)

Once again, I find myself posting late at night right before bed, rushing to get something out because I just know that I won't be in the mood for writing tomorrow morning before rushing off to work at 9-something in the am.

Early days are bad for blogging, dear readers.

I suppose if I regularly worked "early days," that would not be the case, but when you get set up on a certain schedule, those early days (no matter how regular they may be) always through you for a loop.

Luckily, I was smart and made myself some good bento-material today that had left-overs.

Kinpira Gobo? Good stuff. I recommend. Not particularly pretty though, so no picture for you.

(...yea, sure, that's why there's no picture.)

Even if I didn't use mirin... due to the fact that each of the three bottles of mirin scattered around my kitchen was expired to the umpteenth degree.

Apparently, the former inhabitants of my humble abode had the best mirin-centric intentions, and yet... no real follow through.

That's ok, though. Still tasted quite good, to my thinking. Can't go wrong with sesame oil.

(I also didn't use chili flakes, but hey. I considered using my shichimi, but didn't know if it would be an ok substitution to make, and in the end it tasted just fine without any spice addition, so I left well enough alone.)

In other news, I had my hair appointment confirmed!

Sunday afternoon, オシャレイケメン haircut paradise baby.


Good lord, that doesn't sound silly and shallow at all.

I shall blame it on the late hour and use it as an excuse to take my leave.

This is Edo, signing off and thinking that "burdock root" sounds a lot more intimidating than gobo.

EDIT- Ah, Melon's post reminded me... I did tell you that I wound up getting this guy, correct?

Ah, the Urbano Barone. ...Let's just say that I miss my old phone dearly.

Heck, I still use it as my alarm clock, because for some reason, the Urbano doesn't like to let you use regular ring tones to gently soothe you into consciousness every morning. No, it insists on buzzing and beeping.

How utterly crass.

But I still say that making me pay something around one thousand extra a month just for the privilege of using a phone I already owned is more than a little ridiculous.

If only I had some mad phone hacking skills...

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