Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Weather is interesting, ok? (天気っておもろいやろう?)

It is when you've been gradually melting for the past month or so due to absolutely ridiculous humidity levels, let me tell you.

So, when I woke up this morning to find a cool breeze blowing, I was absolutely beside myself, and set upon flinging open every window in the house that was under my power to do so.

...imagine how disappointed I was when I found out that none of my porch windows have screens.

I mean, sure, with the wind, it's less likely that bugs are going to manage to creep their way into my humble abode, but considering how often they manage to find their ways in without me opening the door for them, I'm not going to go making it easy.

Even though I am feeling guilty about having my AC on when I don't need to.

It's the fault of the bugs! The bugs, I say!

The fact that the forecast for tomorrows is a cool, cloudy 28 degrees had me absolutely giddy with anti-humidity joy.

You see, we desert kids don't mind the heat (actually enjoy it, to a certain extent), but we are not at all cool with this thing you call humidity.

Doesn't suit us, not one bit.

So. Because coolness necessarily predicates a decline in the humidity percentage, you are looking at one happy little gaijin.

...although the fact that it's still 74% here while 5% at home does give me pause. Sigh.

Cooler than Kyoto, however, which gives me a sort of satisfaction. Bitter, perhaps, but something.

... I wonder sometimes if I should switch my Google forecast over to Celsius, to truly get into the spirit of things.

But then I remember that I really only vaguely understand Celsius still, and really shouldn't be quite so ambitious with my adaptation regime.

Anyway, all this talk about weather has inspired me to put a little weather doo-hickey over there on the side of my blog, so now you can see what the weather is like in my little corner of the world all the time!

Isn't it exciting?

...ok, it is for my mom and grandma, all right?

...unfortunately, I am so far into the boonies, even according to Japan, that all we get is a basic idea of the weather where I am. The top-right area is probably as close as you're going to get; even my phone only believes that Tsu exists in my vicinity. Sigh.

In other exciting news, I plan on applying for the JLPT (N1, of course) tomorrow, thereby blowing a good chunk of money for something I probably won't even pass just for practice.

...this is how much I love this language, guys.

Oh, well. Off to get ready for another day of work, and then a day off tomorrow! Huzzah!

There is something to be said about going into work on Monday; having the week broken up is sort of nice.

And I am something of a loner, so being in the office all by myself ain't half bad either.

This is Edo, signing off and hoping that this cool weather indicates something of a trend.

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