Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Workin' for the money. (お金のために働いてる。)

...you know, I say that, and yet I haven't gotten a cent yet.

Although I suppose that you could say I am living rent-free at the moment, since I won't pay my first month until I am paid in September... and I have received two (count em, two) free meals from my boss so far. (Admittedly, one of them was a cheap conbini bento...)

But theoretically, all the work I do from this point on is for a salary, so that's definitely something.

Whether that salary will actually be significant for my wants needs remains to be seen, but if it isn't, I think that I'll need to adjust some priorities.

... it really doesn't help that BUCK-TICK tickets go on sale this month, and I'm responsible for buying for Melon and for myself. Good-bye, 12600 yen. I'd get reimbursed, but we'd really like to go to the Kyoto and Nara shows (aren't we just hedonists), so she'll just cough up for the Nara tickets. Theoretically. It all depends on how fast things go, really. Ahem.

But I was going to talk about work, wasn't I?

Well, luckily, it all seems much more doable (and enjoyable, yippee) now that I've seen six (count 'em, six) classes in action. I admit that for the first bit I run the risk of teaching in a style uncannily similar to that of my boss... but I suppose I'll get over that soon enough.

Monday being the teachers' typical day off (with one of the four having to work along with the boss), most of the classes were a more basic level. Unfortunately, this is really the sort of class I would prefer, because goodness knows I'm not getting my Japanese practice anywhere else--I also think that it's easier to bond in Japanese, but what do I know. I am torn, thus, between wanting to work more on Mondays, and not wanting to work more on Mondays--fun classes, yes, but there goes my semblance of a weekend. Wednesday off just isn't the same.

Although I suppose that since technically the other new girl and I are working six-day weeks for this first bit (Monday through Saturday, huzzah), I can handle a lot more than I think I can.

...although it is only Tuesday, eh? Perhaps I'll collapse into a trembling heap come Thursday.

Anyway. Though most of this week was supposed to be observation on our parts, due to the fact that the boss is doing some outside-the-school teaching today, the new girl and I have been delegated one class each--luckily, I think that I have gotten the better part of the deal, as my class is a man-to-man with a young girl who is apparently very good at English. Admittedly, the idea of teaching children still intimidates me a little bit, but I suppose I'll get over it.


Though maybe I'll always walk in with a slight sense of dread settled in the pit of my stomach, hoping that today is not the day they all decide to mutiny.

...but a man-to-man (or woman-to-girl?) should be all right.

Funny how I'm less intimidated by the students who are older than I am. Somehow, they just seem less forgiving; adults understand nerves and new-job-jitters, along with the human propensity for error. Children attack you viciously at the first sign of weakness.

...or is that wolverines.

Or maybe both.

I suppose I'll have more interesting news after I actually take my own class today. After that, though, it's going to be mostly observation again until... Thursday? Friday, perhaps? Definitely a lot of sitting, watching and absorbing, which I appreciate.

In other exciting news, I'm off to apply for my gaijin card today.

外国人登録証明書 (gaikokujintourokushoumeisho; foreigner registration card)

Sure, it may sound awful, but it's easier than carrying around my passport, and it will allow me to finally get my cell phone.

...Well, hopefully I only need the paper they give me saying "the card's being processed," because otherwise that phone could be a while yet. Apparently these things take a while out here in the boondocks. The paper was fine in Kyoto, but in Matsusaka.... hmm.

I was supposed to pop over to the bookstore today before work, but I consider this a detour well taken. The books will still be there tomorrow.

...er. Theoretically, anyway.

And, of course, because everything seems better in threes... the last bit of exciting news for today!

Last night, I drove home from work.

....ok, so it sounds sort of silly when I say it like that, but think about it. I, an American, used to driving on the right side of the rode, drove home from work in Japan. On the left. Without crashing!


It wasn't nearly as scary as I had thought, though that might be because I waited until late and night when there was barely anyone on the roads (oh, inaka). Still, it has instilled confidence in me, and now I shall feel safe(ish) driving all the way to the AU store on my lonesome later this week.

Though I will be rather pissed if they don't give me a phone. Or, reactivate my old one, what have you.

This is Edo, signing off and hoping that the AU shops in Mie are just as advanced and forward-thinking about their foreign customers as those in ビックカメラ in Kyoto.

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