Saturday, August 21, 2010

It still ain't easy, but it's getting better. (まだ簡単じゃないけど、だんだんよくなってるやん。)

... what a long title. That's what I get for trying for symmetry.

And failing miserably in the Japanese, I might add. But that's for grammar's sake, really... or can I say "簡単ちゃうけど" and not sound like an idiot? Hm. Definitely something to look into.

When I, you know, have the time to study that language they speak here.

As it stands, I'm doing more of a study of English. Namely, speaking loudly, slowly, and exaggeratedly. Doesn't help with foreign tourists usually, but you need to do it as a language teacher.

And it's very awkward when you mosey back to the teacher's room and start talking like a flipping idiot all the time.

I suppose that, after a while, one gets used to flipping back and forth between "teaching" voice and "normal" voice, but at the moment.. yikes.

Also, it's apparently dangerous for one's native accent to work around two people with strong opposing accents, and one person whose accent changes depending on who she's talking to.

Yes, that's right; I've begun to emulate my boss and head teacher. Completely unintentionally, and yet noticeable (at least by me; no one else has commented yet.) I worry about being unintentionally insulting, but really, it's a trait of everyone who has even a slight knack for languages; if you don't learn to start mimicking intonations and accents subconsciously, you're never going to get it.

Probably also why I picked up Kansai-ben faster than others.

... good lord, I didn't mean for this to turn into a rant on how good my language skills are. Because really, compared to a lot of people, they're quite crap.

And anyway, my throat is bordering on sore and my cheeks hurt from the permi-grin I've taken to wearing (on orders!), so I suppose the karma goes around.

Had two kids' lessons today and co-taught one yesterday; all three went much better than the fiasco on Wednesday, and my confidence has thus been bolstered. We'll see how long that lasts...

Also got to teach two guys around my age as my last lesson tonight, which was quite fun. However, as it was fun and as they were around the age of a good portion of my Japanese friends, I may or may not have been a bit too lenient with their tendency to use a crap-ton of Japanese in the lesson.

Also, one was quite cute, so that didn't help. I consider it a massive success that I wasn't blushing through most of the lesson. (Ok, well, really, he wasn't that cute...) Good guys, though; very enjoyable and definitely a good end to the day. Especially considering I pretty much had four lessons back-to-back from five to nine, and thus was more than a little burned out. Much easier to be perky and cheerful with good, eager students.

In non-job news (thank goodness, I can hear most of you saying), I got my new health insurance card today, and you know what that means...


Not, however, until Sunday at the earliest; the AU shop and I have the same hours on Saturdays, which is sort of a pain. Being one step closer is, nevertheless, reassuring.

...though knowing my luck lately, something else is bound to happen, delaying my ability to communicate regularly by yet another week or so. Who knows. I've learned that it's best not to count my chickens and all that twaddle.

At the moment, I'll just be happy about the fact that if I suddenly fall ill with... oh, tuberculosis, any nearby clinic will be able to treat me with only thirty percent (I think) out of pocket, and no questions asked. Huzzah for national health insurance!

... come on, you saw the "liberal-arts graduate" bit up there in the corner, you knew it was coming.

Hm. Is it bad that my entries are getting shorter and shorter now that they're about my actual life?

... try to keep that loud, resounding "no" to yourselves, please.

Must jet off to bed now; early day tomorrow, and I have enough of an issue getting my lunch packed on time when I start at two in the afternoon!

(Yes, to bed. Remember, I can post from the past, and therefore keep my schedule fairly situated while still keeping everything convenient for myself.)

This is Edo, signing off hoping to post again with a cell-phone in hand.

PS- Though this is technically a day late in Japan, thanks to massive time differences, it's perfectly all right in America-land.


Today is my mom's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOMMY!

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