Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Food and other rarities. (食事と他の珍しいこと。)

Hey, sometimes, I find myself strapped for a title.You don't see me judging your blog when you're not feeling particularly creative that day, do you?


Anyway, as promised in my title, I do have a little bit of food to share with you all.

Metaphorically, of course. I've already eaten it all. (Which may explain my ridiculously high weight as betrayed by the bathroom scale earlier this evening... good lord.)

オムライス (omuraisu, omelet rice)

Darn tootin' I made myself some omuraisu. And that's a picture from my cell phone, if you'll believe it. Talk about quality in a small package! (Even though I'm still bitter about not getting to use my old phone... mumble grumble.)

Usually, I tend to shy away from omuraisu due to its tendency for a high ketchup content--though the "rice" portion is meant to be "chicken rice," which is basically  version of fried rice based around the main ingredient of chicken, oftentimes it is replaced with "ketchup rice," which is more or less the same thing, only doused in ketchup.

And while I may be slowly getting myself to like tomatoes in my food, rice doused in ketchup is where I draw the line.

...anything doused in ketchup, actually, but that's not the point I'm trying to make now.

ANYWAY, though I really like the concept of omuraisu (eggs and fried rice, how can you go wrong?), due to the ketchup issue, I tend to dislike it in restaurants.

Thus, I said to myself, why not go for a home-made, sans-ketchup version?

You are indeed a genius, I replied.

... then quickly stopped speaking aloud lest someone have me committed.


Anyway, I would give you the recipe, but I basically followed the one from My Lunch Can Beat Up Your Lunch, and would rather direct you to that lovely site than blatantly plagiarize her work here.

However, as you may notice by looking closely at the above photograph, I replaced the mushrooms in her recipe with carrots. This was not, in fact, intentional; I had a nice bag of mushrooms from the grocery store I was all set to use, all for only 78 yen! However, when I started to clean them, I popped one into my mouth out of curiosity.

The thing taste bloody awful.

Thus, unwilling to put spoiled mushrooms (they were only 78 yen, I reasoned, and thus likely to have some flaw) in my masterpiece, I chunked the lot and chopped up a carrot (also purchased at the grocery store for a very reasonable price) as a replacement. Personally, I think it was a good choice, though the recipe would certainly not have minded a few mushrooms.

(I told Y about this, and she supposes that they're a type of mushroom--I couldn't remember the name--that simply needs to be cooked. I agreed that this may in fact be the case, and regretted chunking out half of my mushroom purchase. However, better safe than sorry, eh?)

...however, with this omuraisu I made last night, the leftover I made this afternoon to get rid of the other half of the chicken rice, and the egg sandwich I had yesterday for lunch to use up my almost-stale bread... I have had six eggs in the past two days alone. Closer to twelve in the past week, I'd wager.

... I love me some Japanese eggs, but I do wonder if this is healthy.

Y, appalled, said that she believes the upper limit is something around three a week.

...good lord, I hope not. For the sake of both my health and my tastebuds.

Because I love me some Japanese eggs. And now that I've figured out how to make such darn tasty omuraisu.... Oh goodness gracious me.

In other news, I have that same kids class that I neglected to discuss in detail last week tomorrow, along with another class right before it containing roughly the same age group.

Suffice it to say I am less than thrilled about the prospect of work tomorrow.

I really need to quit being such a negative person, don't I.

(I only just realized this now, but... you do realize that I tend to write these in advance, yes? So, I'm actually writing this on Tuesday night, though it's up on Wednesday. Thus, "last night" was Monday, and "tomorrow" is Wednesday. Yes, confusing, I know, but bear with me. I have a schedule to maintain.

Oh, dear. I've gone and forgotten to take out that salmon fillet for my dinner tomorrow again. Better do it before I forget.

This is Edo, signing off and wishing that having a working phone meant people would try to contact her more often.

EDIT- Hm... it appears as though I was hasty in judging myself overly porky. Apparently, my BMI is 21.7 ~ 22... though you wouldn't think it to look at my pooch, and I wouldn't think it the way I've been fitting into my pants lately. You live and learn, I suppose? Or perhaps I've just become so used to my svelte Japanese form that I think of anything larger as far too chunky... admittedly, most of that former svelte-ness was unhealthy and spawned from being under-fed by crazy okaa-san and having influenza for a week...

I still enjoyed it!

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