Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ah ha ha... (アハハ。。。)

Ok, so, this time, it's sort of my fault entirely.

But really, who thinks to make a blog post two days in advance? It's nigh unheard of! I think. Hope. Assume.

And you know what happens when we assume.

Oh dearie dearie me.

So, another brief rundown of my schedule, for all those of you desirous of being in the loop. For those not... well. Why on earth are you reading this?

1- As I write this on Saturday morning, I am blasting the crap out of my room with the AC (19 degrees, what on earth) so as to keep it cool for quite a long period of time (hopefully) after I turn it off and go to work. Why? Because clothes must be dried inside this time of year to prevent mildew due to the humidity. Not only does my AC keep it cool, it keeps it dry.

I probably should not have done laundry last night, admittedly, but I figured that the early shift would be matched up with today's, so evreything would be hunky dorey.

Admittedly, it might be just fine. It's mainly my jeans that have me worried at the moment.

2- As you read this on Sunday morning, I should be jetting off toward Kyoto on the kintetsu to visit my dear friend for some fun times. Mostly, we plan on eating and meandering, but... hey. I consider that to be super fun times, my friends.

If I take the 8:49 train, I only have to make one change-over! Huzzah! Definitely worth it, as the later trains are 8:50 and 9:06, requiring two and five changes respectively. I can wake up a scoche earlier for uninterrupted train time.

More likelihood of me dozing off during, eh? Just set my alarm and away we go.

3- As I write this now (something like fifteen hours later than that previous now), I just came back from an amazing welcome party, which really made me think that I made the right choice in coming to work with my school. Amazing feeling, amazing time, amazing people. You are all just amazing.

4- Melon and I are going to see BUCK-TICK. Twice. In Nara and Kyoto. How cool are we?

And that's quite enough for one day, I think. Details (maybe) on any and all of the above at a later time and date.

This is Edo, signing off and realizing that packing for a two-day trip isn't as easy as it seems.

EDIT- Yes, this has been back-posted; apparently, I left after hitting the wrong button. Oops indeed. 

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Melon said...

I'm so happy that your school is working out! With coworkers you like that much I think you're set for a great experience working there. I'm so happy for you! :3

And yes, we are pretty damn cool.