Sunday, August 15, 2010

So this is real life? (これって、本物の人生なの?)

So, the first day of training/work went all right. Quite a lot to soak in all at once, but I presume that it will become easier once we actually start sitting in on lessons.

The fact that I'm scheduled to take four lessons this coming Saturday does have me a little bit worried, though. I suppose it's nothing I can't handle, really; I managed thesis after all, didn't I... but still.

At the same time I hope that I really am suited for this teaching thing, and don't turn out to be the absolute pits at it.

Though I suppose you can only discover that through experience, eh?

...goodness gracious me, this is already turning into an "Edo rants about her life" blog, as I feared.

...well, rest assured knowing that it's "Edo rants about her life in Japan"?

I did say that the content would change once I moved. Admittedly, I did not, at the time, realize how much... though now that I have a life and work to attend and prepare for, I don't really have the time to sit down and work out those long, detailed posts I was writing before.

...she said as though she actually put any kind of thought into her previous fangirl-esque ramblings. Ahem.

But really, the point of this blog now is to more or less give a sort of "slice of life" look at my life in Japan, though I suppose that there are so many blogs out there with that very same aim that it certainly doesn't merit any special kind of attention.... But really, how many of them are based in Matsusaka, I ask you.

Ah ha, only mine, you answer? And don't you forget it.

In other news, my Japanese is really lagging lately, and I do wonder if it has something to do with the fact that, all summer, I really had very little to do with it, at least actively. Watching SMAPxSMAP is all well and good, but if you're not producing it... well. Admittedly, it was no fault of my own that the lady at the スーパー (suupaa, super market) today did not understand プラスティックバッグ (purasutikku baggu, plastic bag), as that is perfectly decent and understandable Japanese. Although as the gentleman working at the shop next door did not understand エコバッグ (eko baggu, enviromentally-concious bag), I suppose it might have been some sort of massive cultural misunderstanding having to do with Mie being rather out of the loop.

Or maybe people see my big, gaijin self and assume that I can't possibly be speaking their language still. Who knows. The lady at the services counter was very kind when I thought I'd lost my sunglasses (I had; in the car), and didn't seem to consider my Japanese at all odd, so perhaps it's an age thing?

Who knows.

Although I suppose it really isn't healthy when tonight in the shower the thought popped into my head that, not only do I want to start dating again because I'm fairly lonely in a romantic sense, but also because I desperately need the Japanese practice.

...I promise that is not my primary intention, and is really only  a perk of sorts.

...remember how I said I get too personal on this blog sometimes?

I think I'd better stop for the night before I say something really silly.

This is Edo, signing off wondering if she's still jet-lagged or just tired from her seven-ish hours of training.

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