Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wait just a minute. (ちょっと待ってよ。)

WARNING: This post is... well, pretty much entirely composed of things that only interest, say, maybe 20% of my audience.

And that's only provided that I'm actually attracting the people I think I am. Who knows how big a grain of salt that needs.

Oh, and it also demonstrates just how whiny, entitled, selfish, and horribly self-important I can be when pushed.

(But doesn't maintaining a personal blog and expecting people to read it, in general, do all of that regardless...?)

Anyway, consider yourself sufficiently warned.


I had planned to make my first post this week about the amazing Takarazuka (宝塚) performance I saw yesterday... but now, now that has to wait.

Because of what I consider to be sheer and utter... foolishness.

Honestly, you leave your favorite band alone for a few months, just a few months...

And then this happens.

Oh, you know what I'm talking about.

This. This nonsense right here.

Long, short, blonde, black, magenta, I don't care.

But shaving it off and then dressing yourself as a B-boy, complete with ridiculous fluffy jacket and pants that don't seem to fulfill that whole bum-covering requirement? 

What, has it suddenly dawned upon you that your life simply will not be complete until you become the fiftieth member of EXILE?

Somehow, I doubt they'll appreciate your skills, sweetheart. I just can't picture your vocals quite fitting into their line-up. Also, they probably can't read your kanji.

This new single you're releasing today (which, might I add, is the first in over a year) better be some seriously amazing music. I expect myself to think, "good lord, all that hair was holding him back all these years! Clearly, now that he has streamlined his head for maximum vocal capacity, I can truly appreciate his talents!"

But really. You already had talent, creativity, more emotion than fifty other rock-stars combined into one (even if half of them were engaging in some sort of substance abuse at the time their powers combined) and a truly incredible range that could go from heart-wrenching to gut-wrenching in two seconds flat. 

What more can you want, really?

With this new look, the first idea that comes to mind, honestly, is "coordinated dancing ability."

Come on, guys. You were my favorites. I stood in line, in February, for 27 hours for you. Don't give it up to BUCK-TICK so easily.  

Heck, lately, even these young whipper-snappers are giving you a run for your money. 

And he smiled during their live. And flirted

(This one is for my two devoted readers who have softer tastes than I do. And, you know, whoever else'd like to take a listen. See what a good blogger I am?)




I promise I'll get back to my non-fan-bitching regularly scheduled blog content in the next post.

But. You know.

Sometimes, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

Even if it's just expressing how shocked and appalled she is.

This is Edo, signing off waiting for that single and expecting gold, baby.

EDIT- Ok, ok. I admit.

I got my gold.

Not to mention the fact that the two non-new songs are sufficiently remixed to satisfy my cravings for as-of-yet unheard Dir.

Consider my faith restored.

But I'm going to pretend that you had long blonde hair while singing it, 京. It'll be easier on both of us that way.

... oh, and guys? Cut back on the smoking, eh? You're starting to look older than BUCK-TICK, and they've got 10+ years on you, most of it actively touring.


Japan Australia said...

I take it you like your Japanese music. Hopefully the change in appearance will lead to some amazing vocal work and the new single will be amazing.

Edo said...

It is what inspired me to start studying the language in the first place, after all.

Well, I doubt the change in appearance had anything to do with it, as his voice and their music have always been absolutely incredible, but the single was amazing, so I must lay down my arms... at least for the moment.
I still maintain that they should quit smoking and refrain from wearing poofy things.