Thursday, January 20, 2011

I am not dead yet. (まだ死んでないぞ。)

... I get the strangest feeling I've used that title before.

Regardless, it does bring my total Monty Python count up to three.

... or does it not count if I am, in fact, recycling?

Oh well.

Unfortunately, I come, once again, not with anything of substance, but instead with a bit of a triviality to amuse you all until I can bring myself to actually write a legitimate post.

... ok, triviality may be an understatement. This is important to me, at any rate.

Behold, my favorite song of the moment (which does indeed need that qualifier since it's dangerous to be too rash with such bold statements as that):


The video may not be for the faint of heart, as I know that cyber-punk and straight jackets are not everyone's cup of tea (though in this case, they are mine... oh, baby), but the song is certainly a crowd pleaser.

And yes, this is how Melon and I spend our Saturday Sunday nights in Kyoto, why do you ask?

We're in the fan club for a reason, you know.

This is Edo, signing off with this song happily fixed in her brain for the foreseeable future.


Japan Australia said...

Love the main picture of your blog with the tall ship and tower in the background. Where was that taken?

Edo said...

Thanks! It was taken at Kobe port, somewhat near Kobe tower which, as you mentioned, is visible in the background. Unfortunately, I found the place originally by simply wandering around after visiting Kita-ku, so that's about as much detailed information as I can provide.