Wednesday, February 2, 2011

If pictures are worth a thousand words... (写真って一千の言葉の価格なら。。。)

Then really, these picture dumps are actually quite lengthy works of prose.

I guess it all depends on how you look at it.

I look at it as... easier than thinking of something to write. Ah ha ha.

And now that I'm actually putting some effort into maintaining my other blog... well. You can guess what happens when attentions get divided.

Suffice it to say that you are lucky to be getting pictures.

Let's see... I'll try to go in chronological order.

This is a cool traditional dance thing (yes, the name currently escapes me, don't rub it in) that Melon and I walked in on accidentally while wandering through the Aeon Mall by Kyoto station.

The best part, in my opinion, was the fact that half of the musicians were women, and I'm pretty sure the dancer was as well.

The point here is that traditionally, like Kabuki, this art form had a big ol' "NO WOMEN" sign strapped across it. However, unlike kabuki, it would (as evidenced above) likely not survive were it to maintain such strict regulations.

So hey, kudos for letting outdated traditions die, I say.

This was the creme brule desert that came wrapped up our set meals from an Italian restaurant restaurant in  新風館 (しんぷうかん, shinpuhkan) the following weekend. Unfortunately, this was by far the best part of the meal. Regardless, I can always appreciate good desert.

... unfortunately, however, my camera hand was not quite quick enough.

What can I say, it was tasty and I had just choked my way through half of a thoroughly disappointing pizza, flavorless soup, and a mediocre salad. I was desperate for some deliciousness. Not to mention we had to deal with a thoroughly unhelpful waitress on top of it all.

And look. It had kiwi. De-licious.

I keep promising that I'll write about Takarazuka... but I just never get around to it. Ugh.

Well, until the day comes that I actually get the inspiration to sit down and write the proper lengthy post that the performance truly deserves, suffice it to say that it was amazing and I am truly happy that Melon suggested we go.

(Also, that banner thing hung there for a good five minutes before the show started, and we suspect it was so that everyone could get their pictures to prove that they'd been there. Good idea, really, and pretty much everyone with the ability to do so took full advantage of the situation.)

And, last but not least...

Yes, yes, it is my pasta dish again, but this time I left out the anchovies... simply because I was feeling a bit cheap and lazy. Not to mention the fact that my anchovies are getting pretty old and grody... 

Regardless, I could not really gauge how well the dish fared sans-fish, because I misgauged the amount of juice in my small lemon and added way too much. The dish was overpowered, and I thus have no idea if I can continue to leave out the anchovies or not. Further experimentation is warranted. 

And that, as they say, is that.

Oh, I also bought myself a ticket for a DEATHGAZE live in Nagoya next month. I told you I liked them, didn't I? 

This is Edo, signing off with a live in her sights and a dinner to plan.

PS- I also got my first ever influenza shot today... let's see how that works out, shall we? I've only ever caught influenza while living in Japan, and my health insurance got me my vaccine for only 500 yen, so I figured what the hey. 

We shall see.

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Japan Australia said...

Great pictures. Isn`t desert always the best part of any meal. Creme brule has to be one of my favourites.