Friday, May 21, 2010

Where are my glowsticks? (うちの光る棒はどこ?)

So, I just found a new blog to read, and it got me thinking...

Am I not specialized enough? Are the contents of my blog entirely too scattered and disparate to attract a single, devoted following?

Am I, in fact, driving myself to obscurity?


Well, I'll worry about that later. Say, when I actually have something I can specialize in.

Until then, I'll just keep going on as I have, shall I?

Just a quick life-update before we get started.

I have done two first-round interviews, and will be moving on to my third tonight (Thursday). Admittedly, having three separate first round interviews isn't an amazing feat in and of itself, but... at least I feel like I'm getting somewhere. Kinda.

Then again, I could be turned down by all three by the end of the week and then where will I be.

(In a much more pessimistic position, let me tell you.)

(Oh, yes, and I think I've solved my Monbusho/Nonbusho problem, no thanks to you, oh silent readers.)


In keeping (somewhat) with the theme of that new blog I found, today's topic of discussion will be 櫻井敦司 (Sakurai Atsushi), the vocalist and lyricist for BUCK-TICK. Specifically, we will focus on his solo career. Even more specifically, 愛の惑星 (Ai no wakusei, Planet of Love).

You see, in 2004, during a sorta-kinda mini break up of the band (they're back together now, don't worry!), Atsushi released a solo album. As he is the lyricist and not the music writer of the band, he collaborated with a number of musicians to produce the album, such as CUBE JUICE, Wayne Hussey, and Raymond Watts (so says Wikipedia, anyway.)

Needless to say, the music is quite a departure from your regular BUCK-TICK fare. As Melon and I often say, it's got a very strong techno vibe, and we feel that we should throw a rave party to it. (Have I mentioned this?)

Of course, this could only be our opinion. We are linked at the brain, you know.

I'll let you be the judge.

Yes, I COULD use my neato music thing again, but really, I've said it before and I'll say it again: BUCK-TICK is amazing life, and Atsushi alone is similarly talented.

Not to mention he's just fun to watch. Fanservice, anyone?

Don't look at me like that. The man puts on a show. Anyone who doesn't appreciate it is... well, dead. Or at least dead in the pants.

He is so blatantly sexual sometimes that I think it might be illegal.

But really, who's going to cuff this man? Besides, he offsets it with his occasional charming dorkiness. I mean, come on, who dances like that, really?

...and yet, it is so very endearing.

I posted this video once already, but eh, it's my blog. I can do what I want.

(Side note- if you have any idea what he is doing with the microphone between his arms at the end... I would very much appreciate it if you could share that information, as I am absolutely lost.)

In this case, at least until the end, you kind of need to know what this song is about to get the dirty, dirty imagery. (Though I guess the incessant pelvic thrusting could possibly tip you off...) Suffice it to say that the song is about anonymous sex; I would provide a translation, but, again, the translation thieves... also, there is no one part of the song that truly captures the entire essence.

Well, except for maybe...

溢れ出しちゃう コボサナイデネ
It comes flooding out, don’t spill any

Oh Atsushi, you're such a dirty, dirty man.

... and I have proof.

I'm willing to bet that CUBE JUICE did not read the fine print of his contract. He does, however, deal very well with the situation, all things considered.

No, I cannot explain Atsushi's actions. The only possible reasoning I have come up with thus far is that "it gets lonely on the road." (Or Atsushi really likes CUBE JUICE's music?) Because really, fanservice aside, don't molest the guest artists. It's just not in good taste. I don't care if you break if up with some fancy interpretive dance.

Besides, you're just making all of the fangirls green with sexual envy.

Random bursts of inappropriate contact and dorky dancing aside, I rather enjoy 愛の惑星, and would definitely recommend it to any fans of Atsushi's voice ...although possibly not fans of just BUCK-TICK in general; it really is quite a different different.

This is Edo, signing off while pretending to jump around stage like someone half her age.

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