Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Busy times... (忙しい時。。。)

Let it be known, dear readers of mine, that as a soon-to-be-graduating-senior, I am currently suffering from Interesting Times.

You know. Two finals on Wednesday. Kinda thing.

...Even though I'm totally and utterly done with thesis. There ought to be some sort of law against that.

But let it never be said that I don't entertain you!

You know I love キムタク. Most people are aware of this fact.

But did you know that Japan shares my love in every possible way?

I mean, he wasn't the longest-running holder of the Sexiest Man in Asia position for nothing, you know. (I could cite that but... you know. Busy. And tired. Don't judge me.) And, as I mentioned, he's also credited with that whole inspiring Japanese men to pretty themselves up a bit thing. How can this man be so powerful in the minds of so many, I hear you cry.

A simple glance at television is enough to let you know.

He is an incredibly successful (and in the above instance, adorable) spokesperson for everything.

And anything.

Especially GATSBY products, which range from men's skin care to hair styling products to... well, body paper. It apparently rids you of unsightly sweat.

It could give you scurvy for all I care; I would still enjoy the commercials for it immensely.

There's a reason they play some of these commercials only at night, you know. Too exciting for the general public.

Oh dear. Is it getting hot in here, or is it just my computer screen?

People hire this man for a reason; their products sell when he dances with them on the screen. 37 years of age he may be, but losing his power as a sex symbol? He is not. キムタク is a veritable tidal wave of pure lust and commercialism, all rolled up in what seems to be an incredibly nice man.

Goodness, I get chills just typing about him.

Well, dear readers, I hope that I have given you sufficient evidence to support my long-lasting love for all that is, was, and will be the man called キムタク. If not, well... I did distract you from the fact that there was absolutely no editorial content in this post, didn't I?

This is Edo, signing off while thinking wistfully of long, auburn curls...

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