Thursday, April 1, 2010

I miss the sakura... (桜って懐かしい。。。)

Well, 花見 season is just about upon us. And of course, when I say "us," I mean those of us who are lucky enough to be somewhere with sakura. Unfortunately, Southern California does not fall on that list, as far as I've seen. We do have some lovely orchid trees around though, so I guess that counts for something.

Anyway, since I can't amuse you all with stories of this year's 花見, last year's will have to do. And since I was in Kyoto, aka 花見 capital of the known world... I honestly think that last year should be enough to satisfy even the pickiest of readers.

Here, we have some lovely sakura from 御所, or the imperial palace. Say what you will about Doshisha University, but being across the street from 御所 was pretty darn cool, if I do say so myself.

These are some sakura from 哲学の道, or the Philosopher's Path. Quite frankly, I didn't see what was so philosophical about it. What I did notice was that there were a ridiculous number of soft cream/soft serve/whatever you want to call it vendors about... even though I foolishly did not partake in their wares. Alas, the follies of youth.

A close up shot of one of those philosophical sakura, because sometimes, I like to pretend I'm artistic. I could call it... "Contemplations in Purity." Or... "Pretty flower."

And of course, the obligatory 夜桜, or "nighttime sakura," or as we so eloquently condensed it, "yozaks." That's right, we gaijin are in your country, butchering your language for our own amusement. I can't remember if these were taken along the 鴨川 (Kamo river) or at Gojo... Hm.

With that bit of nostalgia for you, this is Edo, signing off and hoping you didn't realize she replaced actual content with pretty pictures this time 'round.

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