Wednesday, March 31, 2010

He replied! (返事して下さった!)

I talked to Alexander O. Smith. (Admittedly, though e-mail.) Somebody pinch me.

In my efforts to find a job in translation and/or the video game industry (preferably in game localization, but at this point I'll take what I can get), I decided it would be a good idea to e-mail some big names in the field. And really, who's bigger than Alexander O. Smith?

(If you don't know who he is, run here and here quickly to redeem yourself.)

Needless to say, he is a god among men, and the fact that he responded to my poor, naive, oh-please-tell-me-how-to-be-you-lord e-mail, in less than twenty-four hours, no less... Oh my goodness. I get the vapors just thinking about it.

And not only did he grace me with his words; he graced me with HELPFUL words! Oh, glorious day. Not to mention the fact that he responded to my second round of questions within hours. HOURS. The man is a benevolent god.

(... I should really stop, as there is that slight possibility he'll google my kowtow-ing hiney, find this, and be seriously disturbed.)

In any event, thanks to Alexander O. Smith, I am feeling much better about my life as of today. Still a little bitter about the rejection from the dream job, of course (I sneer as I pass by their website in search results... then invariably cruise their recruiting section, as I am a glutton for punishment), but I no longer feel as though I am at adrift in the world, at a loss due to over-specialization and without hope.

However, it means I need to start studying. And by studying, I mean studying. None of this mamby-pamby cruising through Speed Anki (although I'm sure it doesn't hurt) whenever I have the free time.

Admittedly, that might need to wait... as I have pesky thesis/classes to deal with now. Alas, we can never have all the time we need, and must trudge through life constantly wishing for just a few more hours tacked on to the end of each day. Or, you know, the ability to live without sleep. (Although I do enjoy sleep...)

I apologize if today's post wasn't exactly your cup of tea, but hey, I had an e-mail conversation with Alexander O. Smith. You're not getting much more out of me for a while.

This is Edo, signing off reassured about her future prospects.

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