Thursday, April 8, 2010

Somehow... it's become a bit dull. (何か。。。つまらなくなっちゃった)

I do apologize, oh loyal readers. I really do mean to supply you with more interesting and engaging content, but... well, sometimes the ol' noggin runs empty. Or at least, it runs slowly enough that the things it produces are deemed "worthless" and summarily dismissed before they have he chance to reach you, my adoring public.

I promise, I do try to maintain that recent, March fever-pitch, but, well, sometimes... life just isn't all that interesting.


There is one interesting thing I have to share with you all.

That's right.

I got my hot little hands on BUCK-TICK's new single, 独壇場Beauty. FINALLY.

I mean, seriously, it came out the 24th, I was getting a little desperate over here.

Admittedly, as I had already heard the eponymous single itself, it wasn't much of a shock, but at the same time... watching something on youtube and having it in your iPod to carry with you always are two entirely separate things.

Also, there was that other song...

Voo Doo is, alas, not nearly as pleasing, in my opinion, as 独壇場Beauty itself, but still worth a listen. There's also a live version of memento mori's 天使は誰だ filling out the single, which I am... ambivalent about. I enjoy BUCK-TICK live, and, quite honestly, think they have the potential to be BETTER live than recorded (that Kobe show was AMAZING), but it seems they picked rather sub-par recording to place on the disc. Or maybe something about the acoustics of a stadium (I think it's Zepp Tokyo) being recorded onto a disc robs Atsushi's voice of it's live magic...

Who knows.

Regardless, in my opinion, you'd be getting your money's worth for 独壇場Beauty alone. A definite "thumbs up" in my books.

Now, if only I had the ¥18,900 to blow on the figurine set...

That's right. Figurine set. I only wish I could scrounge up a larger picture to better convey the magic of tiny, tiny BUCK-TICK.

Just think, though. For 200 bucks? They must be some pretty magical figurines. The words "fully pose-able" come to mind...

This is Edo, signing off, woefully lacking her very own mini-BUCK-TICK...

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