Saturday, April 10, 2010

Again huh... (またか。。。)

Once again, I have learned that rejection is truly the be-all-end-all of depression.

At least, from this perspective. I must admit, I am a little biased. But not having a job is a bit of a downer, I must say.

However, I do have advice for those of you on the Japan front:

Apartments do not necessarily require key money.


While cruising through the At Home website, I've discovered that there are quite a few apartments that require no up front money aside from your rent.

And these are not necessarily sketchy establishments! (Not judging from the pictures they post, anyway... although, you know what they say, on the internet...)

Regardless, this is a pretty big deal. Without key money/finder's fees/pay us because we said so/whatever, it seems that moving about in Japan is not really as bad as it seems.

Then again, I could be wearing my rose-coloured glasses (highly unlikely, considering how my day has gone) and misreading things entirely, but...

Come on. It looks pretty nice from where I sit, and considering where I sit, it must look pretty darn nice indeed.

So. Just something to keep in mind, all you Japan-hopefuls. You can find yourself a place to live on a fairly modest budget, so don't give up hope yet.

Because goodness gracious me, if we give up hope, all we have left is our belly lint. And no one ever got anywhere relying on belly lint, let me tell you.

This is Edo, signing off and really, really trying to make the best of her situation.

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