Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Once a week is good enough. (一週間一回ってええんちゃう。)

... though apparently not, according to my grandma.

But we don't have to let her know that I agree.

.... oops.

Anyway, as I have not been in much of a writing mood lately, I thought that I would attempt a new style of post: pictures from Edo's everyday life, with witty commentary accompaniment. How does that strike you?

... well, honestly, it can strike you up, down, and all around, but it's still how we're going today.


First, remember how I was taking that test... you know, the ridiculously difficult, kill-your-brain-with-kanji JLPT NI thingy-jobby?

Yea. That was Sunday.

And yea. It was painful.

Luckily, I was able to stay cheerful about the whole thing, and was laughing my way through the listening exam--as always, much easier than the rest (at least for a person, such as myself, who spends so much time working on listening comprehension) and full of hilarious non-sequitirs that had me snorting quietly in the back row. 

... well, I thought they were hilarious, anyway. As far as I can tell, I was the only one stifling my laughter, so maybe I just have a very odd sense of humor.

Anyway. That's not the interesting part.

The interesting part is that the 皇學館大学 (Kougakkan University) campus where I took it was absolutely gorgeous

I guess that's what happens when you're located in Ise, literally minutes away from 伊勢神宮 (Ise Shrine). No shoddy, prison-looking buildings there my friend!

And check out the crazy, Miyazaki-esque entrance path. How awesome would it be to walk though this to class every day? I mean, come on.

Ise is just pretty awesome in general. This is the street leading up to the university entrance. Admittedly, taking the picture during 紅葉 (kouyou, fall foliage) season does up the beauty a few notches, but any sidewalk that is paved with brick deserves some notice.

Not to mention the super awesome street-lamp-things.

You have no idea how hard it was to get this shot without the top of a car blurred along the bottom edge. I stood in the cold for you, people!

But anyway.

After I was released finished with the test, I went to Kyoto, as is my wont.

And this is the cute little light-up you can see from the platform at 大和八木 (Yamato Yagi) station in Nara. I thought it deserved a picture.

Certainly a nice surprise to be caught by, since I had about thirty minutes to kill until my next train.

And, tangentially enough, this is an interior shot of the super awesome American restaurant, Ash Fork, in Kyoto, around 百万遍 (hyakumanben). Definitely recommended, and not only because they named the place after a small town in Arizona (it's written up there on the sign, if you can see) and have a crap-ton of random memorabilia scattered around as their decorating scheme. Best hamburger in Japan, bar none.

Enough with the travels, let's get back to the boring, every day stuff!

... don't get too excited now.

This, my friends, is a 250 yen bento from Cosmos.


And I thought I loved that supermarket before. Holy crap.

Delicious, cheap, and I am still full to bursting as I write this. (Admittedly, those of you who do not think the addition of a soft-boiled/fried egg is a plus might not agree with my love for this lunchtime option. But hey. Learn to love the egg, my friends, learn to love the egg.)

(That said, I had to trade in my kinpira gobo for some renkon to get the egg on top of my hamburger, but I think it was a good choice in the end.)

This is the bag I payed 5 yen for because I forgot my eco bag. But really, I think it was worth  it:

Some people may laugh at Engrish, but sometimes, I find it absolutely adorable.

And finally, just to make everything a bit more random...

My favorite gum.

I admit that I may be swayed by the fact that Kimutaku advertises for them. But hey, this gum freakin' clears your sinuses it's so strong--I can appreciate breath that fresh.

So, what did you think? Was the lack of editorial content made up for by the picture spam onslaught?

.... I think so.


This is Edo, signing off with a stomach full of meat which she may or may not regret later. Oops.

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