Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Long time no... yea. (久しぶ。。。ん。)

Once a week is good enough, right? Right?

Hey. This time I actually have a reason.

Last week... I got....

Dun dun DUN.


Yea, a boring reason, but a legitimate one nevertheless. Being a teacher apparently (a) wipes out your immune system and (b) exposes you to an entire population of people who don't understand the concept of "wash your hands and don't sneeze in my face please."

The doctor said it was just a strange sort of cold that's going 'round, but I rather think I had the 24-hour flu, and that Japan just doesn't differentiate between the flu and influenza. Not sure why, but there you have it. All I know is that I was achey and miserable, and colds don't tend to get you that way.

Anyway. Happier news.

Razzle Dazzle PART TWO was this weekend! HUZZAH!

Bigger and better than Nara, because everyone loves Kyoto and no one really cares about Nara.

...sad, but true.

And this time... I took pictures

First! The massively massive tour truck that was parked out back!

Ooo, aaah.

This actually helped us make sure that we were in the right spot, since we came from (what seemed to be) the less populated route.

Next, the line to get in!

You must realize that this is actually the second line we stood in--the first was to get tour goods, and Melon and I had the amazingly good fortune to be the last people able to buy merchandise before the booth closed down. Oh, yea.

Again, I was surprised by the number of men in attendance. I suppose that BUCK-TICK's awesomeness defies traditional Japanese concert gender norms. (Have you never noticed that it's mostly women?)

And since I'm a good girl and don't take pictures during the performance, the last one you get is over the truly touching good-bye message that flashed along the top screen after the last encore:

I am so glad I turned back around before we left. If I had missed this, it would have been a horrible, horrible thing.

It is now the standby image on my cell phone. Because I love it. How can you not?

.... I really am rather depressed that it's over now.

BUT! We have tickets to a Tokyo show (why? because) in April, so there remains something to look forward to! The BUCK-TICK love never ends, after all.

And hey, since I left you hanging for so long, have some 京都紅葉 (Kyoto fall colors) to make up for it, eh?

Nothin' better than a little 鴨川 (Kamo River) scenery to round off a good blog post, I always say.

This is Edo, signing off with a tune in her head and never-ending rock in her soul.

PS- They totally played Coyote. With some extra super-awesome Spanish guitar thrown in. How lucky can you get?

Never let it be said that clenching your hands together and muttering "Play Coyote, please play Coyote, come on do it do it do it do it..." as soon as you see the standing bass come out during an encore doesn't work.

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