Friday, November 12, 2010

Why Edo hasn't been posting lately. (ポストが最近少なくなってるっての原因。)

Because her fingers are frozen to the keyboard.

Ok, ok, so that one's not technically true, but sometimes (like now) for instance, it certainly does feel that way.

How on earth did I ever survive a Kyoto winter, I ask you.

... admittedly, I did bitch and whine the whole time there, too.


Anyway, no. The real reason my posts have been dwindling in number more and more:

That's right. The dreaded 日本語能力試験一級, or Japanese Language Proficiency Test, Level 1.

Or, well, N1 now. If you want to be all fancy.

And you should, because technically it's more difficult than regular old 一級...

Which already stumped Japanese people, on occasion.


All my free time now is spent either studying, or taking a break from studying.

Needless to say, blogging does not provide sufficient stress relief to be that break.




A lot of studying.

... a lot now that I don't do it for a living, anyway.

... it's a very different lifestyle.


Anyway. That's it, in a nutshell. Know, at least, that I am not posting because I am attempting to, in some way, better myself.

Or at least my grammatical and kanji...tical self. Not quite sure how the JLPT translates into real-world value, actually, but I suppose that's just the bonus at the end anyway.

This is Edo, signing off trying to maintain all that is academic and studious in her soul.

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