Saturday, October 13, 2012

Well now. (さて。)

Well, that was an interesting way to start a Saturday.

With an epicenter in Kyoto, even. That's impressive.

Probably the most intense earthquake I've felt in a while... and yet I still wasn't convinced that's what it was until it was updated on the JMA.

Honestly, it kind of felt like something ran into my apartment building.

But I suppose that, in light of Japan's relative position on the Ring of Fire and all... that's the far less likely possibility.

Oh, well.

Too bad I won't be home to watch the news tonight; I bet we make at least a local headline.

Oh, right. 宇宙戦隊NOIZ concert!

But I've written about that quite enough. The earthquake was by far the most novel experience for the day.

... though I am going to Shiga. Which is a first. (Er, when it comes to live destinations, anyway.)

Although considering the fact that Melon and I are going straight back to Shiga for BUCK-TICK next week... it's not all that impressive.

...then again, tonight I'm going all the way to Yasu. BUCK-TICK's only in Otsu.

The highlighted one, as you may have surmised, is Yasu. The big one right next to Kyoto is Otsu... and I'm assuming that the BUCK-TICK concert is going to be somewhere near the very bottom tip of the lake there. (Yea, the thing in the middle is Lake Biwa. Shiga is mostly lake, dontcha know.) Couldn't tell you about the NOIZ concert tonight... All I know about Yasu is that the last train at night to get there is quite conveniently late.

So, yea. It's not as far away as the train ride makes it feel, I guess.

See? None of this is nearly as exciting as the fact that the earth kinda moved a little bit.

Especially because it was a tiny one that (theoretically) didn't hurt anyone.

Really, though, they're the only ones to get excited about.


This is Edo, signing off still feeling phantom quakes every five minutes or so.

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