Saturday, October 6, 2012

Not the appropriate response. (適切な対応ではない。)

So... I have a little confession to make.

I kind of... get excited when I hear that a typhoon is coming.

Yes, I know. It's inconsiderate, inappropriate, and possibly even horribly, horribly callous.

(You have now idea how much it irks me to have completely ignored the great possibility for alliteration up there.)

Mind, I don't feel excited at all for the damage and devastation it's going to cause. I'm not quite that much of a misanthrope, after all.

But, well... being in the middle of the no-breeze valley called Kyoto, I... I must admit to getting excited about weather phenomena that might shake things up a bit.

I honestly don't even think that's a picture from Kyoto, but, in general, that's about all the excitement I personally experienced in our version of typhoon number 17. The warnings on TV were all for the surrounding prefectures, whose proximity to the ocean and/or general lack of protective mountain ring leaves them much more vulnerable to the elements.

And really, it all comes back to my desert heritage. It is ingrained in my bones that any kind of storm is worth some degree of excitement, because, you know, I only see them maybe twice a year.

(Okay, maybe it's not that bad, but it's what it feels like, more often than not.)

So, yes. Am I a horrible person?

This is Edo, signing off wishing that her laundry interests and her weather interests didn't conflict so very often.

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