Friday, August 10, 2012

So... yeah. (ん…じゃ。)

This isn't going to work, guys.

Despite my best intentions... I am being a horrible, horrible blogger.

I mean, really.

So, I think that a new blog-order is...well, in order, as it were.

You see, you people just don't realize how much effort I put into your average post on this thing. Really. I am deeply, deeply invested in these trivialities I throw out there into the ether for your amusement. I am also deeply invested, for some reason, in packaging said trivialities into large bundles that take time and planning to produce.

And nowadays, well...

Let's just say that there's probably a reason that "higher education students" do not represent a very large percentage of personal bloggers on the internet at present.

... at least, I don't think they do.

... I really hope they don't.

... if they do, please don't tell me.

Either way, though, don't take that as me complaining--because I am most emphatically not. Being in higher education is awesome. That's why I'm here, after all.

But it is not exactly conducive to my blogging activities.

Mainly because, to people outside of academia... my daily life at the moment probably provides approximately the same level of vicarious excitement as does watching bread rise. Except without the delicious, yeasty payoff.

So, my new goal, which may be at least partially inspired by the recent slew of band member blog updates that have inundated my inbox, is to lower my content standards.

... those are a few words I never thought I'd use in that order.

Er, what I mean is, I am going to start allowing myself to make posts that aren't, gasp, necessarily constructed around a cohesive, singular topic that is in some way personally distanced from myself. This is, after all, basically an "I live in Japan, aren't I nifty" blog, and if I am constantly reining myself in because I don't have a fully formed, five-page essay on a recently popular drama written, proofread, thoroughly edited and ready to go for the day... well.

Suffice it to say that I may lose a few readers if I start posting even more inane, day-to-day trivialities, but I will surely lose all  of my readers if I stop posting entirely.

(... yeah, that really doesn't sound as deep once I get it down in writing.)

So, for the time being? Let's try out the less of two evils, and see how things go.

...And now...

Well. I am researching gender and sexuality in the Visual music scene, so posting BUCK-TICK videos is entirely appropriate, regardless of any content downgrades, upgrades or sidegrades.

Especially when they're this awesome.

I am so excited for this album, you don't even know.

(Although really, Atsushi. What did your eyebrows ever do to you?)

Besides, concert-going is, in my opinion anyway, definitely the most exciting thing going on in my life right now, so I think we're really hitting all of our bases here.

This is Edo, signing off while wondering if using the word "nifty" automatically disqualifies you from being so.

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