Monday, August 20, 2012

SO glad I went. (行ってよかった!)

So, all I'm saying is...

If you ever get the chance to attend a one-man, three day, close quarters live event....

Take. It.

Especially if that band is as good during their performances as is DEATHGAZE.

I mean, good lord people.

I don't think I've ever produced so much sweat before in my life. ...Even calculated cumulatively.

And my neck isn't even sore! Who knew that the cure for headbanging aches... was more headbanging?

(And, admittedly, liberal ibpruofen dosage, but still. I haven't taken any since!)

If that isn't a valuable life lesson, I don't know what is.

This little dude was at the drink bar every night. Well, I say that, but as another audience member and I were discussing... was it really the same little dude? This picture was taken on the first night, and he never did seem to degrade in any real noticeable way. Thus, he was either made out of supremely high quality watermelon (which is possible--this is Japan... which also makes me hope that it got eaten eventually), or someone managed to get so very good at carving the little mascot dude and his brethren that no one could tell the difference from night to night.

Or maybe it was all thanks to the スイカパワー!(suika powaa, watermelon power). Apparently, that's what we were all going on, and who am I to argue?

There was also some sort of metaphor about us all being the seeds, but I'm still trying to work out the deeper meaning of that one.

After we got the red fan on the first night, I dithered about bringing it along the second. I ultimately decided not to, as I wanted to keep my nice little souvenir as pristine as possible, and lo! We received another, and in a different color as well! (They're lined up in chronological order, because I'm just that way.) Probably the best souvenir possible to get in that venue, in this season. Never let it be said that DEATHGAZE is not considerate of their fans!

(They also made a big deal, both in blog posts and each night during the pre-show announcements, about not trying to power through if you started feeling faint or sick, but to let someone know--even one of the band members if that's what you could manage--and get someone to help you out of the crowd and into an open space so you could recover. I don't think anyone ever did/needed to, but it was a nice thought regardless.)

And since I still can't even come close to containing my excitement (I mean, come on, they announced their new single coming in November, and then another new tour staring in December! Allow me to squeal in fangirlish delight.), I find I must share just a weensy bit more.

(Plug your ears, grandma.)

Pretend that guitarist Tataki's hair is blonde for the full experience.

And since that's the first song of the album... why not wrap it up with the last?

Glory Sky

I had to wait until the last day for this one, but ah, it's always worth it. The look of pure, unadulterated joy on  vocalist Ai's face as the audience sings along with the chorus is absolutely wonderful, and it gets me every time.

(You can listen to this one, grandma.)

This is Edo, signing off nursing only a mildly sore upper-arm and battling a serious case of permi-grin.

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