Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Waiting is the worst part. (待っているのが一番辛い。)

Especially when you, like me, have a stomach prone to stress and thus a near constant case of indigestion beginning from the submission of the application and lasting until some undetermined point at which I will decide that there is no longer any need for stress in my life.

... that may be, in fact, when I am dead.

I have been, after all, stressed almost constantly since I decided to apply for this thing. You know, as separate from the stress stemming from my regular bouts of existential crisis, paranoia, and general feelings of dread about the future.

... but, quite frankly, if I'm not stressed, I don't feel that I'm accomplishing anything. So, while this may be horrible for my upper digestive tract, it really is good for my overall mental wellbeing, no?

... oh, well.

How about some nice, classic BUCK-TICK to make up for the decidedly dull and dreary nature of today's post?

This video, which I believe is from 1989, documents three very important things:

1. That BUCK-TICK was indeed, at one point, popular enough to be on television, despite what you may hear.

2. That Imai was always a little terrifying unintelligible unique.

3. That Toll's truly remarkable hatred of change was established very early on in his career.*

*For those of you who aren't fangirls not in the know, this was very soon, if not immediately after the band's "hair spring" debut period. Look who didn't get the new hairstyle memo. 

It also demonstrates that signs of Atsushi's "woman" stage were evident as early as '89, but we all know about that.

This is Edo, signing off wondering if it's better to be stressed with or without "Dress" stuck in your head.

PS- Damn it, I said this, thought it was clever, and can't bear to see it lost so quickly in the ether:

"I have dreams about being called 'Doctor'...and believe that sonic screwdrivers should come standard issue with every PhD."

I never said a word about fangirls.

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