Monday, April 25, 2011

Whoops. Again. (しまった。また。)

It appears that I have gone and left you all without a post.

For more than a week.

Which is very, very cruel of me, I know.

... suffice it to say that I'm very busy with all of this moving and grooving and bustling around?

A poor excuse, I know, but better than none at all!

... or is that not how the saying goes.

Oh well.

Have some pictures of springtime rice fields. I think they look cool, although when they really look cool is at night, when it seems as though there are endless lakes stretching away into the darkness, broken only by a dim imagination as they softly reflect the lights of the city and the dim pricks of starlight far above...

... Yeah. They're nice.

Admittedly, they looked a bit cooler before the rice sprouts started coming up, but those were literally nonexistent one day and at the point you see them the next. Fast growing little buggers.

Regardless, still pretty cool, especially when it's everywhere you look.

This is Edo, signing off with a full agenda and a sleepy brain.

1 comment:

Japan Australia said...

That's OK!! Good to hear from you!!
I love the light gleaming off the rice fields in the picture. Just beautiful!!

Japan Australia