Sunday, March 13, 2011

A moment of seriousness. (真面目な一瞬。)

A quick break from my usual tomfoolery for a bit of seriousness now.

頑張れ, 東北、関東。頑張れ。

Here's to the safety of everyone up north. Please pull through, guys.

For everyone who has lost someone in this tragedy, you have my deepest sympathies. I know that you can get through this.

As Ai of DEATHGAZE said earlier tonight, it's difficult to carry on as we always have now, but it some ways, that's what's important. We can't let it beat us. 

Here's to strength and safety.

This is Edo, signing off still unable to truly wrap her mind around this whole thing.

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Japan Australia said...

We keep getting reports of more quakes and further problems in Japan. Our hopes and wishes are with you Japan in this time of need.

Japan Australia