Thursday, March 10, 2011

A bit of headbanging, anyone? (ちょっとヘッドバンギングしよか?)

That's right, kiddies, your beloved author here is off to another rock concert this weekend--all on her lonesome this time, which wasn't really all that worrisome until some of her coworkers suggested that it should be.

... Oh, the power of suggestion.

I must admit that I have never been to a live all on my lonesome.... I was supposed to go to a Dir live alone during my senior year, but a nasty bout of the flu kept me from making the hour long trek into Los Angeles proper and head banging my heart out.

Because, you know, doing that sort of thing with a fever, some congestion and even a bit of nausea probably isn't wise. Especially for all my poor fellow headbangers. And, well, every single diver on the 10 that particular evening.

... nevertheless, I curse my body's bad timing to this day.


However, I will not be cowed, and I continue on with the same degree of excitement and enthusiasm I have always had!

And really, it's only worth going together with someone when their love for the band matches yours. Thus, BUCK-TICK with Melon? Excellent. Dragging Melon to DEATHGAZE when they may or may not make her ears bleed?

Well that's just not something friends do.

And thus I head to Nagoya on Sunday all on my lonesome, dressed to the nines (is that the phrase?) and quite willing to have a sore neck for the following week.

Because it just wasn't a live if you don't feel it for days afterwards.

... well, ok, you don't really headbang to BUCK-TICK, but the arm-waving and the jumping does get you a bit sore, so it still works.



They're pretty awesome.

And this time, they get their own tour!

Very likely, this is due to the December release of their new album, because as far as I know they are still technically an indies band (which, as we all know, just means that they're not quite getting paid what they want need deserve are owed based on record sales yet.)

BLISS OUT. Quite enjoyable, says I, though I admit to liking pretty much everything I've heard by these guys.

Currently, I am trying to ascertain whether or not I will be able to wear my jacket and then store it in a coin locker so that I can rock myself silly without being encumbered and overheated. Provided that everyone else in attendance does not have the same idea and jam all the coin lockers in the station, I think I should be all right.

... hopefully.

Regardless, I will have a good time.

Also: who knew that getting into Nagoya on the cheap would be easier than getting there quickly and expensively?  Take that, 特急 (tokkyu, limited express train.)

This is Edo, signing off realizing just how much effort travel planning entails. Yeesh.


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