Monday, June 21, 2010

Who needs a topic. (トピックなんて要らない。)

Before we move on to the exciting topic of today's post, there is absolutely thrilling news to be told!

I now have a job. An honest-to-goodness job.

That's right, you heard me! I'm good for something besides snarky commentary and witticisms after all!

In the middle of August, I will be shipping off to beautiful Mie, to begin my life in Japan.

This blog's contents (and possibly title... Mie certainly isn't Kyoto, ah ha) may adjust appropriately.

...don't all start protesting at once.


I think we'll have something of a mish-mosh post today, simply because I'm in a random sort of mood.

(...what's that? No planned topic, and thus I'm winging it? Don't be absurd.)

First of all, let's get back to those cell-phone e-mail ideas, shall we? Mock me if you will, but this is an important decision, one that could possibly affect me for years to come!

... I suppose picking a provider first is more important, but that's making my head hurt at the moment.


I will preface this with saying that I am just throwing out ideas here, formatting and punctuation withheld. Partially because I don't want to encourage internet stalking (ha ha, fat chance) and partially because... well, that would require more thinking on my part, wouldn't it?

1) sabaku no ko (砂漠の子, child of the desert)

This one should be fairly self-explanatory. I am a child of the desert, and that fact has a big impact on my life--namely, once it hits 70 degrees Fahrenheit, I start whining.

People are often intrigued when I say I am from the desert (in Japan, anyway), not to mention I do maintain some degree of pride for my homeland (though admittedly not its politics), and thus it is a very strong contender at the moment.

Even if it does sound a bit... girly. "ko" or 子 tends to be an ending for girls' names, and though that doesn't quite apply here... eh...

2) sabotendaa (the Japanese name for Cactuar)

(Yes, "saboten"  or サボテン is the Japanese word for cactus. I think that was a marvelous bit of localization, personally.)

...I'm a video game nerd who was born and raised, as mentioned, in the desert. You had to see something like this coming. In fact, my e-mail while I was studying in Kyoto was theworldendswithme... dorky, yes, but I thought it was terribly, terribly clever.

I never could just tell Japanese friends my address though... always had to infrared it. Hm. If only I could have come up with a clever, self-serving pun based on 素晴らしきこの世界...

3) cactuaa (a mash up of Sabotendaa and Cactuar, or simply how Cactuar would wind up being pronounced in Japanese)

Again, self-explanatory. Again, dorky. Again... I kinda like it.

Doesn't look very nice though, does it?

4) kansai gaijin (a foreigner from the Kansai region)

Sort of surreal, don't you think? I'm a gaijin who speaks Kansai-ben; that in itself trips a lot of people out.

But does it mean that I am a foreigner in the Kansai region, a foreigner FROM the Kansai region, or just some dork who decided to combine two words randomly?

...admittedly, I probably don't want the word "gaijin" in my e-mail address. Sends a bad message, you know? 

5) kansai jin (person from Kansai; Kansai-ite)

Better. Less derogatory towards my person (yes, kiddies; gaijin is, in fact, a rude word.) It might get me some looks, though... but since when has that bothered me?

6) inconvenient ideal (My favorite Dir song of late)

Nice, but possibly a bit of a mouthful. Might be an excellent way of finding closet Dir fans, though...

Ah, that's enough for now; my ability to create short bursts of wittiness can only last so long, after all. Have to shut down the program and reboot. Might take some time.

...Long-winded wittiness, on the other hand....

Or I could just share some more music. I could do that.

The sound quality isn't that great on this one, but... well. It's Atsushi. I could watch that man if he was gyrating slowly in dead silence.

This is just one of the songs that's been playing in my head lately... it may be trite, but I particualrly like the line:

この空は広すぎる           This sky is too broad...

I'm open to interpretation; mine changes depending on my mood.

... I do seem rather static with my tastes lately, don't I?

Well then, how about something completely different:

Never let it be said that I bore you with monotony, dear readers.

This is Edo, signing off marveling at how beautiful the world looks when you have a job...


Mom said...

I love the super mario bros. world, pretty accurate to the old game.

Love, MOM

Klairi said...

The super mario clip was cool! And Taiji and Smell are my favourite songs from Ai no Wakusei... thanks for sharing them!

Galileo is better than I expected. The actual science/detective part is a bit lacklustre, one could see the answer to the puzzle right from the start. But the characters are pretty rich, and their interactions have depth. I didn't like Fukuyama Masaharu at first because I apparently confused him with some other actor, but now I am a mild fan (going to hunt down some of his music). Though I don't buy his character a lot: he's way too good-looking and athletic to be so clueless about human relationships, but I suppose that's one of his charms.

I have liked Shibasaki Kou since Battle Royale and Japan Sinks, and I like her music too (though I prefer her acting). Her bumbling hot-blooded detective is adorable.

The e-mails... I liked the 2 cactus-related ones the best... guess I'm a bit of a plant person. What would you be doing in Japan, if you don't mind me asking?

Edo said...

Glad you enjoyed it, Klairi! I've recently started liking Taiji a lot myself... along with Sacrifice, though originally all I liked from the album was Smell. Weird.

Yes, I admit that the "science" bits are probably hokum (aside from the super-fun science experiments that have little to no relation to the plot), but I really enjoy the series regardless. The characters really make it for me.

Ah, well, Japan does love the beautiful misanthrope... look at half of the shoujo manga out there. Though really, being talented has no real correlation to human know-how, so I don't find it to be all that odd.

She really does make it; the series wouldn't be half so entertaining without her attitude driving it.

Thanks for the comment! I like cacti myself, though they are a little pokey. I will be teaching English in Japan; my blog actually may adjust to reflect that a bit more after I move and start working, so look out for that!

Anonymous said...
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