Wednesday, May 2, 2012

No, seriously... (いや、本間に…)

I know I shouldn't repeat myself, but.... seriously. I'm telling you. The 食堂 is the place to be, people.

 I mean, come on.
This? For 390? For dinner? 

Ridiculous. That is more meat than most young people see in a week. 

And that right there, my friends, is a medium rice. Oh yes. There are no attempts to stiff hungry students at my 食堂, no siree-bob. 

(I was thirsty. Don't judge me.)

Oh, and by the way.

This is what you get for 400 yen. (Would have been 390, but I wanted my miso soup.)

Admittedly, this set runs out pretty quickly come dinner-time, but you can see why.

All that meat.

True, it is chicken more often than not, but that just makes it healthy. 

... no, honestly, healthy. I promise.

And thus concludes another installment of "what Edo's been eating lately," cleverly giving me another couple of weeks of not having to think up any actual content.

... oops.

Um... Ah!

I am going to a live tomorrow, which I am naturally very excited about. However, as I have already given a play-by-play account of this particular band's antics... 

Even so, I'm sure something extraordinary will happen. It's just the sort of band they are.

Whether or not I get around to writing about it is another question entirely. 

Oh, and remember the LIFT-OFFs?

I'd better start studying.

(Pretend that there is a rhythmic, intense shouting going on through the entirety of the video. Gives you a better feeling of the actual event. Plus, it's way more awesome.)

This is Edo, signing off whilst wondering why the weather didn't get the notice about Golden Week. 

Probability of
Temperature Forecast
02 May
00-06 --%
06-12 70%
12-18 70%
18-24 50%

03 May
00-06 50%
06-12 20%
12-18 40%
18-24 40%

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Japan Australia said...

They are bargains at that price and look so good. Can anyone eat at your 食堂?

Japan Australia