Monday, July 25, 2011

Ah, that's it. (あっ、それだ。)

Well, I've come to realize why it is so difficult for me to produce regular content as compared to, say, Joe Schmoe personal blogger elsewhere on the internet.

(I do not actually know if there is a Joe Schmoe blog out there somewhere, but if someone does find it, feel free to link in the comments. Because I am nothing if not willing to waste time on the internet.)

The problem is, these people post about their lives. Their average, daily lives. Because people are interested, and still read despite the fact that they aren't, say, doing intensive reporting on this bad or that TV show.

And I say, why can't I do that? Why can't I serenade you with tales of my thrilling sedentary life, spent job-searching and attempting to discover just what the hell I'm going to do with myself?

Probably because I haven't ingratiated myself yet for you lot to care. That's why.

So alas, I'm in a pickle. I've become rather sick of posting about random Japanese cultural topics, because I'm sure that at least fifty percent of my audience (at present) is related to me by blood and would read my blog if I suddenly developed an interest in writing full-length editorials about yak-herding in Mongolia and just how one should best decorate a yurt to make full use of available natural light.... and therefore I'm not even catering to the masses when I spend hours writing up nice, detailed posts about my favorite bands/TV shows/crossdressers/ridiculous puns that make no sense when you think about them, really.

Thus begins the reign of the supremely inconsequential, yet, perhaps, slightly amusing to you, my very, very specialized readers.

I really don't know why you're even here.

So. Today's thought.

I think that Ai (from DEATHGAZE) has an absolutely stunning voice. Deep voices in general tend to make my toes curl, as it were, but his is something else.

I mean really.

And now I present evidence:

The regular version of this song is pretty good too, but the piano is just... prettier.

A music critic, I am not.

I'm not sure why I think the rain cloud correlates, but I have a limited selection to choose from. Give me a break here.

You wouldn't think a song titled "The Stench of Death" would sounds so nice, would you?

I admit that's probably a slightly loaded translation, but I like the irony of it.

Especially since at least fifty percent of you can't understand the lyrics. Thus, beautiful mood dissonance. For those of you can can understand... oh, just play along, please.

And no, don't know what that means. If I had to understand what a song's saying to like it... well. Let's just say that I'd have to hate everything Imai's ever written.

... and what the heck. It's my blog.

I really like this video.

For the faint of heart, again, this is not for you. Stick with the three songs above, and for the love of your poor eardrums, don't click play.

I still think that Ai looks nicer with black hair, though.

And you really don't get the full experience until you see how ridiculously flamboyant he is on stage. Not to mention overheated--man wore long sleeves at both lives I attended, both of which had me sweating in the audience without the help of burning stage lights and nearly so many layers. But then, I guess that's what makes you a true V-kei band, eh?

This is Edo, signing off saying "nyer nyer, it's my blog, I can do what I want."

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