Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Kyoto Life. (京都の生活)

Sorry for the wait; there's less opportunity to use the internet than I thought. Well, I suppose I could use the internet more, but there are more interesting things to do. I'm in Kyoto, for crying out loud!


Classes started on Monday. Up until today, Japanese class was only review. Unfortunately, they put me in a class that's boring me to tears, and I have no idea why. My electives seem fun, even though I already have homework for both.


I got my phone on Monday, which was super-exciting. It's gorgeous; it makes me so happy. I went with AU, if only because I have some experience with it, and the AKP plan is with AU, so I can cmail everyone now. Well, everyone who did AKP, anyway. Everyone who's gotten a phone on their own so far has gotten AU too, so.


I really should post some pictures. But, of course, that would mean I'd have to take some pictures, and I'm pretty awful at that. I never remember to do it.


I get the feeling that I should write more, but at the moment, nothing comes to mind.


Guess that's all for now, then.



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