Saturday, November 17, 2012


So, um...

This happened.

Last night, I went to see Vol. 7 (their words, not mine) of the Beauty and Beast tour in Osaka, which was hosted by defspiral (not my usual cup of tea, but hey) and featured DEATHGAZE and Sel'm.

I'll go see DEATHGAZE most anywhere, and I do casually enjoy Sel'm from time to time.

Although I had to sit through two bands who I was not as SUPER AWESOME EXCITED SEE HOW I HEADBANG about as DEATHGAZE, I had a beyond excellent time, particularly because for the encore, defspiral played two hide songs, one each with the guitarist and vocalist of the other two bands. That was well worth the price of admission right there.

But... yes.


During DEATHGAZE's last song (GENOCIDE AND MASS MURDER, which is a good song to end on--and also a good song to terrify all of the decidedly non-metal defspiral fans milling around), Ai (vocalist, keep up) did his usual 水遊び (mizuasobi, playing with water--yes, I know there's another way I could translate it, but it doesn't have that certain connotation in Japanese, so I SPECIFICALLY AVOIDED THAT PHRASE WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU) which involved drinking half of his water bottle (or thereabouts) and spitting the rest over the audience either in a mist, or in an "I am a fountain, see me dribble" fashion. I know, to a non-Visual系(kei, style) fan (and maybe even to a fan who doesn't attend indies concerts very often), this sounds odd, but trust me. Fair play, and completely expected. Not the point. ANYWAY. Afterwards, he flung the mostly-empty bottle out, which he occasionally does.

The astounding part was that he flung it right into my outstretched hands.




Yes. Yes. That's right.

Ai's mouth, Ai's LIPS were on that bottle neck. Repeatedly.

... and were I a less neurotic and slightly more devoted fan, I might have finished off the remaining water myself and scored one of those "indirect kisses" you hear about so often in anime.

But come on, what if he had a cold? I have things to do, man! Those things do not involve catching a cold from one of my favorite vocalists... devastatingly attractive as he may be.


And then, when I saw that pick on the ground at the very end, I wound up accidentally dumping out most of the water anyway.


I was actually looking for a pick that Kousuke (DEATHGAZE bassist) had flung out earlier. It never seemed to land, and people were looking around, so I thought there may be a chance that it had somehow gotten lost in the crowd. However, upon closer inspection, there was a pile of bags right about where it should have landed, so even if no one picked it up themselves, the most likely scenario is that it popped itself into a bag, or in between a couple of bags so that anyone besides the owners of said bags could kiss that pick good-bye. Alas.

However, during my inspection of the ground, I saw the above-picture pick instead.

Which would be guitarist Masato of defspiral's pick.

Not too thrilling, as at the time I was pretty ambivalent about defspiral in general (aside from the hide thing, that was awesome), but hey. A pick is a pick, and it had a pretty design on it to boot. Why the hell not.

I certainly wasn't just going to leave it there.

And then, once I got home and started listening to some more defspiral...

Particularly LOTUS...

Which I should be biased against anyway since it came out suspiciously soon after Dir en grey's LOTUS...

I discovered that they're my guilty pleasure.


I like soft stuff. I like Plastic Tree. I like NOIZ. I LOVE BUCK-TICK.

(I realize belatedly that the capitalization scheme of certain band names on top of English writing necessity make it sound like I'm screaming that entire last sentence... Oh, well.)

And yet for some reason, jamming to defspiral makes me feel guilty.

Maybe because of the contrast...? The fact that I heard them immediately after DEATHGAZE...?

The fact that most of their music induces the urge to dance instead of headbang...?

What a strange person Edo is indeed.

And just think, if I had been slightly more careful with the neck of that bottle last night, I could be growing a tiny Ai-clone even as we speak.


This is Edo, signing off and wondering how on earth she can display an empty water bottle and not look like a crazy person.

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